Delphi language manual for D2007?
(too old to reply)
Graham Wideman
2008-01-05 14:12:59 UTC

I bought, downloaded and installed D2007 in late Dec 2007, and was surprised
to find that the online help accessible in the IDE doesn't seem to contain
any info on the Delphi language. So although the IDE-accessible help
advertises new language features, and contains a lot of help for other parts
of Dev Studio not actually included with Delphi, you can't find out how to
actually use those features.

After some poking around, I did discover PDFs Help.pdf and Reference.pdf in
...\RADStudio\5.0\Help but they are dated 10/18/2005 and are actually for
BDS 2006.

I realize that the language has probably only changed modestly over the one
version, but still it seems a waste to not know about and be able to use
whatever it is that was improved.

So does anyone know of prospects to get language docs for the actual version
I bought?


Graham Wideman
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Robert M. Lincoln
2008-01-06 14:51:48 UTC
Perhaps this is the same info as in the PDF's,
but did you check under (from the IDE)
"Help|CodeGear Help", and then click on
the "Contents" tab at the bottom, and look
under "RAD Studio"?