"No topic-based help system installed" for regular user
(too old to reply)
Ned Banta
2008-03-18 22:10:13 UTC
I have Delphi 2006. When I am logged in (WinXP Pro) as a regular user and I
try to start the Help system (Help...Borland Help), I get this error
message: "No topic-based help system installed". The error window (details)
references line 691 of "HelpIntfs.pas". Also, the F1 key does nothing.
However, when I am logged into an account with administrator rights, the
help system works fine, and starts either from the menu or by pressing F1.

I have read several places about resetting a registry entry for
dexplore.exe. I have checked this, and it is correct. I have reinstalled
.NET framework 1.1.

Does anyone have a suggestion for what could be causing the help system to
fail only for a regular user?
2008-04-04 15:08:00 UTC
I have the same problem, no time to debug help problems.